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10 Full modules of comprehensive ACLS video training led by Michele Andrews B.S., RRT. Providing healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to pass the American Heart Association® ACLS Certification exam.

Ace Your American Heart Association® ACLS Certification Exam with 2X Pre-Exam Self Assessment Practice Exams!

Master your final exam confidently with our 2X Pre-Exam Self Assessment practice exams, doubling your preparation and enabling a deeper understanding of your subjects. Elevate your readiness and performance through comprehensive practice, ensuring you're fully equipped to excel on test day.

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This follow-along workbook will be a handy course companion and a great place to take notes, solidify your understanding and review the material that you have learned.

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Enhance your study experience with these printable Q&A flashcards, your compact study companion that offers easy accessibility and convenience. Dive into effective learning sessions anytime, anywhere, thanks to this portable and user-friendly tool designed to boost retention and understanding.

Everything you need to pass the acls exam:
10 Information Packed ACLS Training Modules

Each module is broken into  short, easy to digest video lessons!

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Exclusive ACLS Facebook Support Group

Welcome to the private  Facebook Support Group for ACLS Certification Masterclass students! Here, join a vibrant community of passionate healthcare providers dedicated to mastering ACLS principles. Gain direct access to Michele Andrews your American Heart Association® Certified ACLS Instructor for personalized guidance, feedback, and valuable insights.

Expect interactive sessions where you engage directly with Michele, receiving tailored tips and guidance. Connect with peers, share experiences, and participate in Michele’s live Q&A weekly sessions designed to clarify concepts and deepen your understanding.

This exclusive group is more than a forum; it’s a dynamic space enhancing your learning through engagement and expert mentorship. Enroll in the ACLS Certification Masterclass today to access this invaluable support group and elevate your understanding to master ACLS confidently!

What Healthcare Professionals Say

Karen T. Profile

This was a fantastic course. It hit all points necessary to be successful on the test.I especially liked the ability to go back and review the subjects that were no my strong points. It was so easy to navigate. I will suggest it to all my nurse friends.

Karen T ~ Nurse
Marla Gale

Having recently completed the ACLS Certification Masterclass, I found it to be comprehensive and beneficial experience that enriched my skills and knowledge in managinging critical cardiovascular emergencies. I highly recommend taking this course. 

Marla G ~ Nurse
Vivian D

The ACLS Certification Masterclass was a great study course! Michele was an excellent instructor and made ACLS easy to obtain. I highly recommend this course for all nurses. I was done in a couple of hours and I received a 100 on my test.

Vivian D ~ Nurse

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Approach online ACLS certification with caution. Many websites claim to offer “ACLS Certification” but lack approval from the AHA. Some might falsely advertise as being “approved by AHA certified physicians” or endorsed by AHA physicians. Be wary of such sites. This course is a pre-exam training course, you will still need to take the final ACLS Certification exam and pass to become AHA ACLS Certified. Michele can help you with that once you have completed the training.

No, the American Red Cross (ARC) and the American Heart Association® (AHA) operate as separate and independent entities. While both are esteemed providers of CPR and first aid training, they maintain separate programs and certifications. Be aware that some employers may not accept Red Cross certifications, only ACLS certifications from the American Heart Association®.

The ACLS Masterclass pre-exam training course is is tailored for doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, medical students, and anyone aiming to successfully pass the ACLS Certification Exam.

The complete video training is approximately 3 1/2- 4 hours in total. This ACLS pre-exam training course is designed to be self-paced and can take as little time or as much time as you need to learn. You get full access to the course for 90 days!

Once an online course has been accessed, refunds will not be provided.

Any specified time limit for completing the online segment cannot be extended. Prior to purchase/registration, ensure you can complete the course within the given 90 day time frame.

Please note that we are not liable for local computer equipment functionality or internet availability. Technical support for E-Learning programs is not provided by Accelerated Learning Media, LLC.

Kindly remember, E-Learning courses are solely for individual use, requiring the purchase of one course per student trained.

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